Babies & Bathwater – Vogler Dismissed, Naomi Dies and Her Baby Saved

Aired first on May 10, 2005, Babies & Bathwater is the eighteenth episode of House Season I directed by Bill Johnson and written by David Shaw and Peter Blake.


In this episode, House quickly diagnosis an expectant woman, but due to the risk to her unborn baby, she resists treatment. When House tries to work out the situation in order to get her the best available treatment, Vogler stands in his way. Ultimately, the dispute between Vogler and House comes to a showdown and Wilson gets caught in between. Babies & Bathwater is the last episode where Edward Vogler is featured in the series.

The Plot

Naomi, an expectant woman driving her husband who was drank temporarily blacks out and escapes a collision by a whisker. A policeman pulls them over and erroneously suspects Naomi is driving under influence. He orders her out for a sobriety test and as she walks to the back of the car, she collapses.

At the hospital, Foreman conducts some tests on her and finds that her liver and kidney are not functioning. Naomi has had miscarriages a number of times before and anything that would risk the life of her unborn baby is highly unwelcome. Foreman then introduces Naomi’s case to House and explains about her lost coordination despite her normal blood pressure. House suspects that Naomi could be suffering from autoimmune disease. At the same time, House reveals that Cameron has quit to which Chase and Foreman blame him for it.

Naomi goes into premature labor while undergoing vasculitis tests following her choking on soft pear that led to difficulty in swallowing.

Vogler who is at loggerheads with House because of embarrassing remarks he gave in a speech, doesn’t take the firing of Cameron as an atonement and demands resignation of House, and a public apology else will destroy him.

House orders Foreman and Chase to examine Naomi’s eyelids. They discover her esophagus is swelling and they order x-rays which reveal aggressive and inoperable small cell lung cancer. The best way to treat this is through chemotherapy and radiation, but since this will endanger the baby’s life, a caesarian section with an 80% survival chance for the 28 weeks old unborn baby. With an intention to enhance the baby’s chances of survival to 90%, Naomi pleads that her cancer treatment be delayed. Her husband is torn between losing his unborn child and the wife.

In a board meeting to revoke House’s tenure, Vogler threatens to leave with his donation of $100 million and expects an anonymous decision which Wilson spoils and gets fired.

With her husband on the side of House, Naomi is anaesthetized for surgery which Vogler interrupts. Shortly after, Naomi develops respiratory distress due to pulmonary embolism and a C-section had to be done at least to save the baby because the mother would die anyway. Naomi dies, but the baby is delivered safely.

In the next board meeting, Cuddy votes against the motion to fire House and an attempt by Vogler to fire her also fails. Ultimately, Wilson is reinstated, House remains and Vogler is dismissed by the board pulling out his $100 million donation.