Honeymoon – House’s Episode 22 Season 1 Review

This is the final episode of the first season of House and it aired first December 28, 2004. It was directed by Fred Keller and written by John Mankiewicz and Lawrence Kaplow.


In the episode, House’s ex-girlfriend Stacy Warner is experiencing reluctance from her husband Mark who doesn’t want to be treated by House. Even though Mark insists that he is well, the initial tests reveal that something is seriously wrong with him. House finds himself at an emotional crossroads where he is torn between treating Mark so as to please Stacy or letting him to die so that Stacy can come back to him or hurt her as revenge for what she did to him. The matter becomes trickier when the only way to undertake diagnosis is to risk Mark’s life.

The Plot

House tries to fulfill the promise he made to Stacy by meeting Mark, her husband. This was in order that House may assess Mark’s medical problems. To achieve this, Stacy had to arrange a dinner and trick her husband so that he can be present unaware that House will also be attending. When Mark finally shows up, he says that the doctors have told him his problem is stress-related and there is no need for hospitalization. However, House goes ahead to drug his drink and this causes Mark to collapse after downing the beer.

Even though previous tests done on Mark do not indicate any cause, House orders a repeat of the tests plus CT scans and abdominal ultrasound. His team doesn’t understand why House is so persistent and doesn’t believe when Mark says he is not sick. Instead, he believes Stacy so much and this makes Wilson deduce that the reason for treating Mark is merely an impression that House wants to make on Stacy and possibly win her back.

When the scans come out negative, Mark responds by ordering exploratory surgery even though his team is against it. The surgery only reveals that Mark has a distended bladder which would ordinarily not be the cause of the problem Mark is suffering from. However, House still reviews the surgery video and while at it, he spots abdominal epilepsy which his team has mistaken for normal peristaltic movement. This is a clear indication that Mark is suffering from neurological disorder.

Despite the revelation that Mark’s enlarged bladder was caused by nerve death, subsequent scans and tests show that Mark does not suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. However, when Mark starts losing sensation in his hands and toes, House believes the problem could be Guillain-Barre syndrome. The test on this also came negative.

Later on, House suspects that Mark is exhibiting symptoms of acute intermittent porphyria. To test for this, Mark had to be forcefully induced into an attack although he had refused. Stacy was however willing. When Mark was finally induced, the problem was diagnosed and treatment began. Cuddy then comes to the scene and suggests the hiring of Stacy as a general counsel of the hospital to help attend to Mark as he recovers.