Love Hurts – House Takes Cameron for a Date and Unmasks Harvey’s Condition

Written by Sara B Cooper and directed by Bryan Spicer, Love Hurts is the twentieth episode of House Season I which aired first on November 23, 2004.


In this episode, House snaps at a patient in the clinic and as a result of the confrontation, the patient appears to suffer a stroke. In order to avoid legal repercussions, House accepts to take the patient’s case. After failed attempts to find answers and the patient’s condition becoming worse, House tries to push through past the cover of lies perpetrated by the patient in order to find the right diagnosis.

The Plot

House is in a clinic exam room together with Wilson. Wilson is trying to analyze with a view to understand the condition that Cameron set for her return to work. House on the other hand has agreed to Cameron’s request for a date. After walking out of the exam room, House confronts Harvey Park, a Korean patient whom he believes to have spilled urine on him while in actual sense it was apple juice. Before House could even apologize, the patient had suffered a stroke apparently as a result of the confrontation.

Chase and Foreman are unable to conduct an MRI because Harvey’s jaws are fitted with a steel plate. When Foreman makes an attempt to take his medical history, he faces constant interruptions from Harvey’s female friend. When Harvey tries to explain his condition, the team notices a condition known as nominal aphasia where relatively simple words especially nouns cannot be easily be recalled to mind. Harvey has tried several treatment options and seen a number of medical practitioners including a chiropractor, a naturopath, and acupuncturist, but his problem is still persistent.

Foreman and Chase then prepare for an angiogram while Cameron starts doing the EMG. From the way Harvey was reacting following the insertions of needles into his arm and then asked to flex the muscles, it seems he enjoys the sensation. The EMG comes out clean and the team is left to speculate what else could be the cause of Harvey’s condition.

Despite Harvey saying that the parents had died, Chase and Cameron go ahead to examine his apartment for clues. Cameron finds a year book while Chase finds a drawer that is filled with Tic-Tac. House calls Harvey parents and tricks them so that they can come and give consent to their son’s surgery. The surgery was successful, but the problem could not be identified.

Cuddy, House’s ex-girlfriend, finds out Cameron’s interest in House, but goes ahead to approve their date. The date was good, but neither of them found it promising. From the new mints that Chase found at Harvey’s apartment, House deduces that Harvey could be suffering from fulminating osteomyelitis which is an infection of the jaw. This is what indeed caused Harvey’s stroke and the problem was treated. When House tells Annette, Harvey’s friend to stop strangulating him, she says that it is all because of how vulnerable Harvey is to her and not about the pain.

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